Production Crew
Director - James Faurote 
Music Director - Anna Shea 
Choreographer - Amber Spaulding
Digital Artwork - James Faurote
Costumes - Center Stage Staff
Counselor - Cilia Yablecki 
Counselor - Ryleigh Alsobrooks

Cast List
Adalynn Garrett - Annie
Belle Smith - Pirate 
Broderick  Delosh - Captain Bones 
Brooklyn Mendler - Morgan/Polly
Calla Gonzalez - Pirate 
Camden  Smiley - Nathaniel
Chance Painter - Pirate 
Charlotte  Hilton - Jonah
Charlotte Frantz - Pirate 
Cheyenne  Hilton - Wilhelmina 
Cora Sanders - Molly
Daniel Sierra - Pirate 
Eli Mendler - Jack
Emerson  Churchman - Stella The Startfish
Emilia Gross - Pirate 
Hannah Shumaker - First Mate
Harrison  Churchman - Stinky
Hunter Garrett - Pirate
Hunter Taylor - Billy
Josiah Garrett - Peter
Kensi Misener - Tekki The Seagul
Lilly Hunter - Pirate
Lizzy Colonna - Slinky
Lorelai Garrett -Pirate
Makenzie Asberry - Pirate
Niko Fernandez - Pirate
Noel Stringfellow - Pedro The Pelica
Ryan Frantz - Blinky
Sena  Hadesty-Eells - Cory The Crab
Sofia Hoffman - Pirate 
Veda Bentley - Pinky

Song List
Pirates Putting on a Play
Spinning to an Island
The Tropical Island Song
Row, Dogs, Row
How Do You Do, I'm Captain Bones (Part 1)
How Do You Do, I'm Captain Bones (Part 2)
Bones, Bones, Bones
Every Pirate Needs a Parrot
Reading a Book
Gold (Part 1)
Gold (Part 2)
Spinning Home
Pirates Putting on a Play (Reprise)

A Special Thank You To...
Bosho Maric
Branon Shea
Lauren Bentley
Julia Granger
Generations Staff
And All Our Amazing Center Stage Parents!