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grades 4th - 5th
grades 6th - 12th

GRADES 6th - 12TH

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"My son just completed his 4th show (and counting) with Center Stage. This is a wonderful program. Developmentally appropriate, confidence inspiring and fun!!"

"My daughter has gained so much confidence and did it while having fun. Forever thankful for this program."
- Jessica

"My son has been a part of this amazing program for 3 years now! He loves it all and we love that he found an activity that promotes so many important attributes that molds kiddos into great humans! His growth over the last several years is remarkable to see and makes a mommy’s heart happy. Children are celebrated here for their uniqueness and every one of them is special to the staff."

James Faurote and Anna Shea have created something so indelible, so important to the area, that it cannot be measured. They started with just 42 kids in their program and now have blossomed into a vigorous force of nature where they provide a home, a safe zone, for students who want to extend their love of theatre from the classroom or for those kids who aren’t lucky enough to have a theatre program in their school. 
- Peter Nason, Broadway World

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